Owner / Body Piercer / Tattoo Removal

Charlotte founded Long Island Ink in 2010, when encouraged by a friend from New York to open her own studio. Knowing only a little about the industry then, her studio has now become one of the best in the area.


In 2015, she gained qualifications in body piercings and tattoo removal and later that year she also graduated with a BA Hons in Business Management. She really enjoys removing tattoos and believes customer satisfaction is very important.


    Body Piercer

    Sacha has always had an interest in piercings and completed his piercing apprenticeship late 2017 here at Long Island Ink. He has become a very loyal member of the team. He really enjoys creating custom piercings for his customers.

    Before he entered the industry he was working with reptiles.


    Away from the studio Sacha is a keen fisherman and loves the outdoors.

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    Tattoo Artist

    Antonio is from Brought in Venosa, in the South of Italy and has been living in England for the last 2 years. Before pursuing his career in tattooing 4 years ago, he studied at an Academy of Fine Arts. He went on to working on realistic painting commissions which introduced him to the world of tattooing.


    He joined the team late 2018 and has become a customer favourite with his realistic style. 


    Specialties: Black & Grey Realism. He really enjoys tattooing portraits and animal portraits.

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    Tattoo Artist

    Victor is from a small city close to Valencia on the East Coast of Spain. He first found his love with graffiti art and street art when he was just 15 years old. He worked on commissions for local businesses around Spain.


    Before starting a career in tattooing 5 years ago, he studied graphic design & illustration. He joined the team in early 2018 and has become an all rounder and customer favourite.


    Specialties: Neo-traditional and black work. He really enjoys tattooing female faces and animals.

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    Tattoo Artist

    Stefanie was born and raised in London, England. From a young age she has always had a passion for creative projects, from painting to bespoke furniture. Before starting her career in tattooing 7 years ago, she achieved a National Fine Art Diploma from Brooklands College, which then led to designing and creating band cover albums and merchandise clothing. 


    She joined the team late 2020, and is excited to start some cool tattoo projects. 


    Specialties: Dotwork and pattern work. She really enjoys tattooing anything floral and mandalas. 

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    Social Media Manager

    Michaela was born and raised in London. She has had an interest in photography since a young age, and has been running multiple social media accounts since her early teens. 


    Having mostly been self taught, Michaela has been able to capture and post about things she is passionate about including make up, gaming and art, on multiple social media platforms.


    She joined the team late 2021, and is having fun creating content for our social media. Check out what she has been up to over on our TikTok.