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Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of our newer services that we offer, and guess what? It's pain free, that's right PAIN FREE. If you don't believe us, then come and see for yourself.

Our trained laser therapist Charlotte uses the Interbrite Flo System which is quick, safe, and effective. The system produces a beam of light which is placed upon the skin. The energy from the light is absorbed by the hair. The hair structure acts as a conductor & effectively turns the laser energy into heat, raising it's temperature. This heating kills the growth cells making them incapable of producing further hair growth. 



Laser hair removal can be treated on many areas of the body, so we have divided all treatment areas into size. Listed below are the packages available. 

All packages include 6 sessions 

Small area £180 

Areas included: face, neck, under arms, hands & feet, bikini line

Medium area £250

Areas included: face & neck, half arms, chest, stomach, hands & feet, half legs, Brazilian, buttocks, half back

Large area £500

Areas included: full arms, full back, full legs, hollywood


Laser hair removal Q&A

How does the Interbrite Flo system work?

Why does hair still grow after treatment?

The light targets, damages, & denatures the root of the hair, but the hair remains in the skin. The first few weeks following treatment, the hairs will fall out as the hair cycle renews itself. During this period, it will appear as if the hairs are continuing to grow. 

Are there any side effects?

There are some common, mild, and usually short lived side effects. You might find you have all, some or none of them. They may include a redness of the skin in the area that has been treated and some slight swelling. However, these are not always seen and many clients have fantastic results both with and without these post treatment side effects. 

What colour hair can be treated?

Other than white, grey or red hair; all hair colours can be permanently reduced. Darks hairs are the most easily treated due to their high concentration of melanin that enables maximum absorption from the laser. In order to compensate for lower levels of melanin in fair hair, he settings can be adjusted. 

Does it hurt?

Most clients describe the treatment as having little to no pain. It is often described as tingling, gentle heat or a mild sting that lasts a fraction of a second. 

No anaesthesia is required. 

Do you need to shave prior to treatment?

Hair should ideally be removed 1-2 days before treatment, but only by shaving or clipping. All other forms of epilation must be avoided for at least four weeks prior to treatment. This ensures as many follicles as possible contain hair structure and therefore be destroyed by the light. Additionally, all bleaching treatments should be discontinued in the weeks leading up to the treatment. 

Is the treatment permanent?

It is possible to permanently remove hair up to 85-90%, as repeated treatments will affect remaining hairs each time a treatment is delivered. 

How many treatments will I need?

All the hairs on your body grow accordingly to a hair growth cycle, these can vary between 6-24 weeks. For most clients, a treatment programme of a minimum of six treatments is sufficient to permanently reduce an area of hair growth. After the first treatment, a significant reduction in hair density could be seen, as the new hair tend to grow back finer. 

How should I prepare for treatment?

Clients should avoid all UV exposure for 4 weeks prior to treatment. A sun block cream with SPF factor of at least 30 or above must be used n the treatment area for at least four weeks after treatment. If your treatment cycles are six weeks apart then the SPF must be worn until four weeks after your final treatment. 

For all enquires please contact us via email: or call 02086440966.


Hair removal aftercare

inteliBrite IPL Pre & Post treatment care for hair removal

Avoid any of these medications or treatments prior to use of IPL sessions:

* Exfoliating treatments - 2 - 4 weeks prior & after IPL treatment.

* Stop any depilatory treatments (waxing, creams etc.) to the area to be treated 4 weeks prior & after IPL treatment. During your course of treatments ALL depilatory treatments needs to stop. 

* Stop electrolysis & hair removal treatments to the area 4 weeks prior & after IPL treatment. 

* Stop sun-tanning/UV exposure or tanning solutions 6 weeks prior & after IPL treatment. A sun block should be applied if exposed to UV light. 

* Hot baths are not advised for 24 hours.

A total commitment to stay out of the sun in-between IPL treatments is necessary. 

Post treatment care

* Don't expose skin to UV (sun exposure or the use of tanning beds). Self tan can be applied 2 weeks after treatment. 

* Don't epilate (with waxing, plucking, threading) unless advised by the operator to do so. 

* Don't use bleaching creams, or perfumed products for 24-48 hours.

* Don't pick or scratch the treated area.

* Avoid rough handling of the area treated. 

* Leave any skin responses alone, these are temporary & will subside. 

* Avoid very hot baths/showers/steam baths/sauna.

* Avoid swimming in strong chloride water.

* Avoid exfoliating or peels for 1 week.

* Avoid rough sports for 24-48 hours.

* Avoid wearing tight clothing.

* Keep the area clean & dry.

* Hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water.

* Use of sun block SPF 30+.

NB. Hot & humid weather conditions can aggravate skin in the period immediately following treatment. A good skin regime involving possible mild exfoliation, cleansing, moisturising/nourishing & sun protection should be adopted when skin is not sensitive after treatments. 

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