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LONG ISLAND INK provides an extensive range of tattoo and body piercing services. With a wonderful array of tattoo designs available, we offer high quality tattooing and excellent customer service.


All tattooists and piercers are qualified and follow strict regulations on hygiene standards and sterilisation.


To book an appointment, or for any enquiries, please contact the studio today on 02086440966 and our dedicated team will be more than happy to help.




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Skull & Roses Tattoo
Gambling Tattoo
Eye Tattoo
Skull Tattoo
Sacred Heart Tattoo
Praying Hands Tattoo
Pegasus Tattoo
Tiger & Clock Tattoo
Geisha Girl Tattoo
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Fennekin Tattoo
Bulbasaur Tattoo
Sailor Moon Tarot Card Tattoo
Uzumaki Tattoo
Catbus Tattoo
Princess Mononoke Tattoo
Hange Zoe Tattoo
Rui Demon Slayer Tattoo
Pikachu Tattoo
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Lucky Frog Tattoo
Woman with Flowers Tattoo
Dead Man's Hand Tattoo
Woman/Demon Tattoo
Peony Flower Tattoo
Sugar Skull Tattoo
Daruma Tattoo
Kitsune Omamori Tattoo
Dragonfly Tattoo
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Outer Conch
Helix with Crystal Gem Flower
Helix with Pink 5 Gem Cluster
Conch with 5 Gem Cluster
Helix with 5 Gem Cluster
Daith with Rose Gold Front Gems Ring
Daith with Pave Jewelled Ring
Double Forward Helix
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Tattoo Removal

Progress Picture
After one session
Progress Picture
After one session
Progress Picture
After one session
Progress Picture
After two sessions
Tattoo Removal - Frosting
Before session & straight after session
Progress Picture
After three sessions
Progress Picture
After three sessions
Progress Picture
After 1 session
Progress Picture
After two sessions
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Price List

Ear Piercings

Ear lobe - £20

Rim - £30

Tragus - £30

£30 - Anti Tragus

Conch - £30

Scaffold - £40

£30 - Helix 

£30 - Forward Helix 

£30 - Daith 

£30 - Rook 

£40 - Industrial

Mouth piercings

Medusa - £30

Madonna - £30

Labret - £30

Vertical Labret - £30

Snake Bites - £50

Spider Bites - £50

Tongue - £50

Other Piercings

    Nose - £30

Navel - £40

Nipple - £40

Eyebrow - £30

Septum - £40

Surface Piercing - £50

Bridge - £30

Dermals - £60

Genitals - From £80



372 Sutton Common Road 




Tel: 0208 644 0966

  Opening times 

Mon - Sun: 10am - 6pm

Thurs: 12pm - 9pm

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Skull & Roses Tattoo